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a modern bouffant... 5 Mar 2015

Oh Joy / A Modern Bouffant

I've always loved the look of 60's hairstyles but have always been too shy to try and recreate the 60's look on myself. So I asked Danielle to help me come up with a fun way to inject a touch of 60's into a modern hairdo that I could actually do myself. So take a look at our fun and flirty 'do that I like to call The Modern Bouffant. This hairstyle is simple, stylish, and takes less than 15 minutes!

Oh Joy / A Modern Bouffant

1. Nothing says 60's style like a severe side part and swept bangs. So take a comb or rat tail comb and part your hair on either side of your head.

2. Starting about halfway back from your hairline and towards the back curve of the head, take 1 inch sections of hair at a time and and using a teasing brush (which can be found at any beauty supply store) and tease, tease, tease, until you've created some volume in the back. The more height you want, the more you’ll need to tease. If your hair doesn’t like to hold a tease like mine, try sprinkling Osis Dust It hair powder by at the roots before you tease.

3. Smooth over the teased part of the hair by lightly brushing the surface of the hair only. You could stop here if you want and go for a sexy, side-swept look. Or...

4. Slightly twist a small piece of hair from each side of the head...

5....and gently secure each with a hair pin.

6. The final touch: a little hairspray around the pins for hold, and voila!

I love how different the side-swept part made me look, and it works even if you have bangs (like me)! The bangs just get hidden in the part.

P.S. Something else you can do with overgrown bangs...

{Photos by Casey Brodley and hair tips by Danielle Walch for Oh Joy. My top by Whit.}

living in the present or in the future... 4 Mar 2015

Oh Joy / Living in the Present

Oftentimes I find myself working so hard, lining up projects, crossing things off my to-do list, figuring out how to constantly pay all those bills, and working towards that "end goal" of success that I forget to live in today. I'm trying to be more present in the present by asking myself every night, "What's the best thing that happened today?". It doesn't have to be a big deal or anything hugely significant, it's just about noticing what's happening around you and appreciating life as it unfolds.

Go ahead and try it yourself...and tell me, friends, what's been your favorite thing to happen today?

P.S. On not doing it all...

{Photo by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}

fruity frozen sips... 3 Mar 2015

Fruity Frozen Sips / Oh Joy

Since I'm on a fruity kick lately, I'm all about ways to get my fruit juicing game on. Inspired by my love of color-blocking, we made these fruity frozen milk bottles which make for a super easy and colorful way to serve up the fruity fun for a girl's brunch or for a kids' birthday party.

Fruity Frozen Sips / Oh Joy

Simply fill glass milk bottles or small mason jars with juice (we used mango, grapefruit, and pineapple juice), then prop the jars at an angle in the freezer. Let them freeze until they're solid. When you're ready to serve the bottles, pull them out of the freezer and pour flat or sparkling water into the top half and finish off with a straw. The frozen section will stay cold for a while, so keep refilling your sips as needed for a pretty and punchy beverage!

P.S. Our fruity ice cubes from a couple years ago...

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}

yeah yeah yeah... 2 Mar 2015

Custom Neon Sign DIY / Oh Joy Book

As we get closer to launch, I'm sharing a few peeks at projects from the new Oh Joy book coming out April 7th! One of my favorites is this custom Neon Sign project that you can make safely and easily in the comfort of your own home. And doesn't it look pretty awesome with the lights off...?


...YEAH, YEAH, YEAH it does! You can find the how-to for this project and more by pre-ordering our book below...

You can purchase the book at these retailers: Amazon | Target | iTunes | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Indiebound | Booksamillion | Google Play | Harper Collins.

{Photos by Casey Brodley and styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy. Wallpaper by Juju Papers}

happy friday + something you didn't know about me...27 Feb 2015

Oh Joy

Happy Friday guys! The other day, I was chatting with a friend and learned about a talent of hers that I had never known about. So, I thought it would be fun to share something you didn't know about me...

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