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Pattern Adventures: A Dotty Living Room!

Pattern Adventures: A Dotty Living Room / Oh Joy!

For this month's Pattern Adventure, we created a dotty spot to sit! A lot of people love wearing polka dots, but have you ever tried styling with them before? Jumbo dots are super playful, so you typically see them in kid rooms or playroom...but today, we're showing you how to style them in a fun adult living room! Check it out...

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Introducing: Oh Joy! For Alice & Ames

Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames

Kid's clothing has been a long-time request from you all, so I am super excited to partner with Alice & Ames to bring you really fun, playful outfits for summer. As a long-time fan of their dresses for my girls, I love that the pieces are super wearable and washable for everyday use, yet are still perfect for special occasions. Here's a look at our collection...

Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames

Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames

Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames

The Ballet Dress — These ballet dresses are SUPER easy to wear for a day of play and make for the BEST twirling dress. They range from sizes 2T to 10, and you can get them in either Oh Joy! print — Fizzy Bubbles or Dancing Daisies.

Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames

Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames

Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames

The Sunsuit — How cute are these sunsuits?! I love the criss-cross straps in the back and ruffle detailing on the sides. They're perfect for keeping cool on those hot summer days and range in size from 3 months to 4T. They also come in both Dancing Daisies and Fizzing Bubbles, two patterns that are different yet complement each other just like sisters.

The Oh Joy! for Alice & Ames collection is available right now. We'll have limited stock so go grab them while you can!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Lucia Tran. Special thanks to our models: Arianna, Cami, Boston, Gianna, Zealand!}

DIY Gummies for Dad!

DIY Gummies for Father's Day! / via Oh Joy!

Happy weekend and happy almost Father's Day! Here's a fun last minute treat you can make to help you tell Dad just how awesome he is...giant, homemade gummies! You can make them at home with a few ingredients, place them in a small jar, and top it off with a sweet note! Here's how...

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meal prep for the work week!

How I Meal Prep for the Work Week / Oh Joy!

I have to admit...I am not great at meal prep. I have a hard time getting ahead for the week when it comes to meals, and I've been trying to be better about that. Especially when it comes to lunches at work, it can get expensive to get take-out or delivery every day. I don't always have enough leftover dinner from the night before to pack for lunch, so I made it a mission to get better at that and starting by doing it in a way that feels more manageable. Today, I've partnered with Blue Apron to share this Garlic & Soy-Glazed Shrimp with Charred Broccoli & Hot Green Pepper Sauce recipe by Chrissy Teigen for Blue Apron that I made for 5 days of work week lunches. (And as a bonus to all our Oh Joy! readers, we have a special offer from Blue Apron for $50 off your first two weeks for the first 50 people to claim it HERE!)

See how I turned one of these meals into my whole week of lunches...

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statement earrings i'm currently loving...


Summertime always brings out fun and festive accessories...and I am back into loving statement earrings right about now! Here are a few I am VERY into...

01. Confetti Mint Half Circle Earrings by Jill Makes, 02. Sunshine Hoops by 31 Bits, 03. Sparkle Stud Earrings from J.Crew, 04. Gold Glitter Hoop Earrings by Off Duty, 05. Pagoda Tassel Earrings by SJO Jewelry, 06. Pom Pom Earrings by Tuleste, 07. Confetti Blush Hexagon Earrings by Jill Makes, 08. Terzetto Earrings by Bianca Mavrick, 09. Bead-and-raffia Earrings from J.Crew, 10. Clare Circle Earrings by Machete, 11. Atrium Earrings from RadGal, 12. Amaranta Oversized Earrings by Nora Lozza. 

3 unexpected ways to add embroidery to clothes...

Unexpected Embroidery DIY... / via Oh Joy!

Hey hey hey! Today, we're showing you three super fun ways to add a little extra flair to a jacket, shirt, or pair of jeans...all with some simple embroidery! It's a fun way to express yourself, make something your very own, or make a custom-made gift for a friend! Here's how to do it and some ideas to get you started...

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BIG NEWS! We're building a house!

BIG NEWS: Oh Joy! Builds A House!

I can't believe this is actually happening, but I am excited to FINALLY tell you that...we are building a HOUSE! Are we crazy for doing this? Yes! Is this process going to give me 267 ulcers and a head of grey hair? Probably. Is it going to be the project of a lifetime? Heck, yes! Here's how it all began...

We have been living in the same rental since we moved to Los Angeles 8 years ago (before kids, before my husband started his current job, before Oh Joy grew to being more than just me). We only had a few days to find an apartment when we decided to move to LA in 2010 and rented the top floor of a little duplex (with a great little balcony and view of the city) thinking we would eventually move into a real house with a backyard once we had kids. But Bob and I were both building our careers, and we had a really great deal on our rental so we took the time to save money for a house. We had no real rush to buy anything and no desire take on all the responsibilities that come with home ownership. Our place felt just fine with one child. However, once we got pregnant with Coco in 2014, we felt ready to make the leap and do what grown-ups think they should do...buy a house with more space for their growing family.

Four years ago, I wrote this post how we were looking to buy our first house in Los Angeles and how not easy the process was. Los Angeles isn't a cheap place to live, and the prices of homes here are pretty insane. We spent a good year looking while I was pregnant with Coco as that balcony with a great view didn't seem as amazing anymore when all I wanted was a backyard for my kids to run around and play in. As I had mentioned in that blog post, our first house offer got outbid by someone who had ALL CASH (how do you compete with that?). Then, we decided to up our budget a little bit and found another house we liked even more...thinking, "THIS is why that other house didn't work out. We were meant to get this one!" We put an offer on that 2nd house, only to get outbid WAAAAY over our budget. We started looking at fixer uppers that would be in a comfortable budget, but then we'd still need to spend a ton of money on renovations after the fact to make them livable. Feeling deflated, we kept looking and realized to get the moderate-sized house with a flat yard in the neighborhoods we wanted, we would need to increase our budget more than we could afford. No one wants to be house poor, so we were ready to stop the hunt and keep saving so that we could come back with a bigger down payment in another year or two.

THEN, during one of our drives around the neighborhood looking for open houses, we ran into a friend who had just finished building their house. They invited us in to see it, and we were floored. The value of their house when finished was double what it cost them to build it. The thoughts running through our minds as we talked to them were...

"Yes, of course this house is amazing because it's brand new and custom-designed."

"It's always been my dream to build a house!"

"We could never afford to do that now."

"Wait, what? It costs you HALF the price to build a house in Los Angeles then to buy one?"

Our friends, Cleo and McShane from Project M+, who happened to have also designed their own home, set the path for convincing us that if we had the patience, we should build a house instead of buying one. At the same time, a childhood friend of mine, Melissa, had just moved to Los Angeles. She was an architect as well and told me how she was about to begin designing and building her own family's house, too. And I was like..."Wait, what is happening here? How are these people who are still building their careers, like us, able to do this?" Yes, they were both architects and knew what they were doing. But, it turns out that in Los Angeles (unlike most of the country), the real estate prices here are so ridiculously high that it actually cheaper to build a house from scratch then to buy one. Who knew? Now, that does NOT mean it's quicker to build a house because if that was the case, this post would have been posted a lot sooner than today.

So, that was 2014...how it took until now for me to tell you this story and announce that we are actually doing this is....to be continued. We started construction on the house about six months ago, and it will take another year or so until it's done. I'm excited to share details about this ENTIRE process from start to finish and share snippets with you in real time as we go. I'm also so excited that we will be partnering with Architectural Digest's Clever to tell the story on their channels as well over the next year to completion. We'll be providing additional tips and takeaways over there so you'll get a lot of great information. I have learned so much, and it's really so fascinating (both the fun and not-so-fun parts about it). Here's a little peek!

If there is anything in particular you want me to share, please (please!) leave a comment below. Do you want to see photographed posts or video posts? Do you want to see things in a Pinterest board, Instagram, Instagram Stories...all of it? Do tell! This project has been my second job for the last couple years, and I can't wait to tell you everything I've learned. 

BIG NEWS: Oh Joy! Builds A House!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will talk about how we found land to build on, and how went about buying it!

{Photos by Lily Glass and video by Jenner Brown 

8 gifts that give back for father's day!

Father's Day Gifts that Give Back

Father's Day is next week! This time around, we're focusing on gifts that give back so that you can have something that feels extra good to purchase for your favorite Dad this year! Here are 8 of our favorites...

1. Fuego Box - Give him a box of hot sauces in a mix of brands and flavors. The Chili Cause Crate donates $5 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. 

2. Double Good Popcorn - Everyone loves popcorn, and these flavors are SO fun! Available in a variety of flavors, half of every dollar goes to help children with special needs. 

3. Quarterwear hat - He'll stay cool and covered with this everyday baseball cap. Every purchase feeds 25 children through Feeding Children Everywhere.

4. State Bags backpack - Whether heading into work or to the park, it's practical, durable, and sophisticated. For each bag purchased, one fully-stocked backpack is hand-delivered to an American child in need.

5. WeWOOD watch - These cool watches made of 100% wood helps him keep track of time. And with every purchase, a tree gets planted with Trees for the Future.

6. LSTN headphones - He'll love listening to music in style especially when proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide through Starkey Hearing Foundation.

7. Toms sunglasses - Always a must-have for the summer, the purchase of these sunglasses also provides eye exams and treatments to those in need.

8. Candle from The Little Market - For Dad's relaxation time, this candle gets the mood going while also investing in female entrepreneurs to help end poverty.

easy DIY terracotta planters...

An Easy Way to Transform Terracotta Pots / Oh Joy!

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of terracotta pots. They always seem so earthy to me, which is not necessarily a palette that I love. However, we have a super easy DIY to transform a classic terracotta planter into something a bit more modern and chic! You only need four supplies, and chances are, you already have a few of them lying around the house. You can make multiple at once for a cute mix-and-match indoor garden like shown above. Check it out...

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3 ways to furoshiki with 3 different gifts...

Three Ways to Furoshiki with Three Different Gifts... / Oh Joy!

When I went to Japan several years ago, I became obsessed with Furoshiki—a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that's super multifunctional. You can wear them as scarves, use them as wall hangings, or even to wrap presents! So often, I want to give a gift that doesn't have a box or comes in an odd shape, and a furoshiki comes to the rescue. So today, we're showing you THREE different types of gifts you can put together to give friends and family with three different ways to wrap them using a furoshiki! Here's how...

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