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soft hearts run free...11 Feb 2016


If you're looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift to make for a friend or loved one, check out these no-sew pillows we made for the L.A. Times!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling and crafting by Julia Wester}

i love this...11 Feb 2016

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

...when one thing can turn into so many other things...

{Designed by Torafu, avaiable at Ichiro}

a changing gallery wall... 9 Feb 2016

How to Change Up Your Gallery Wall

There's nothing I love more in a home than a good gallery wall. With my love of artwork and prints by all the talented artists and makers out there, I have grown a collection of art that I want to share and display. I have two large gallery walls that you may have seen previously—one in my home and one in my studio—and I wanted to show you how they have changed over the years and also my tips on how to change them when you're feeling like a refresh...

Oh Joy Living Room / designed by Emily Henderson

2010 - In 2010, we had our living room designed by a certain interior designer/blogger named Emily Henderson for her then-show Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV. She is the queen of gallery walls, and I owe her a life-sized cut-out of Ryan Gosling for showing me how to do it right. You can read Emily's tips right here for how to create a gallery wall from scratch.

Prints in 2010 photo: lady print by Peggy Wolf, floral hedgehog byChipmunk Cheeks, vintage poodle print from Rosebowl flea market, popsicle print by Anna Tillett, heart by CDR, portrait by Gemma Correll, bird print by Yumi Yumi, Manhattan print by Jim Datz for Three Potato Four, lemon print by Dear Colleen, lady print by Peggy Wolf, Swan girl print by Sophie Blackall, rabbit by Fifi Lapin, and buildings by Julia Rothman. Photo by Laure Joliet.

Oh Joy Living Room / designed by Emily Henderson

2012 - After the show in 2010, Emily and I became fast (real-life) friends cemented by our love of The Bachelor. We realized how much we loved working together so we did it again with a baby-proof update to my living room. She helped me update the art so that it felt a bit more unified with the same frame colors and a color palette that had pops of blue that tied back to the baby-proofed couch cover we added.

Prints in 2012 photo: Brooklyn Print by Jim Datz; Summer's End Print by Aeropagita; Polaroid Prints by Jen Gotch, "Static" and "Lucky 13"; Before Print by Leah Giberson; Female Portrait by Zoe Pawlak; Abstract Painting by Michelle Armas; ceramic hanging woman is vintage; Heart Print by Christopher David Ryan. Photo by Bonnie Tsang.

Oh Joy Living Room

2016 - Four years later, I was ready to freshen up the wall again. This time I updated just a few pieces and wanted to keep the overall layout the same as before. Using the placement that Emily established previously, I added in some gold frames to mix in with the white frames as well as dimensional elements like the neon heart.

Prints in 2016 photo: Heart Print by Christopher David Ryan, Oh Joy for Target "You're Okay" print, Summer's End Print by Aeropagita, Abstract Painting by Michelle Armas, Polaroid Prints by Jen Gotch, "Static", Oh Joy for Target "Hey Hey Hey" print, Oh Joy for Target neon heart light (restocking soon). Photo by Casey Brodley.

After changing the art a few times now on the same wall, here is what I've learned:

1. Establish a general sense of size, quantity, and layout of artwork from the beginning. Emily changed our layout significantly from 2010 to 2012 by reducing the number of pieces and using larger pieces. I definitely like the update more as I preferred the larger pieces and being able to focus on fewer pieces that felt more unified (especially up against that graphic wallpaper). Once the preferred layout was established, it was much easier to change in 2016 when I did it myself.

2. Use the existing art (and the nail/hooks that hold it as a basis for where you'll put the replacement). This might sound obvious, but sometimes a new piece isn't the same exact size as a previous one. Using an existing hook as your guide, place a new piece on the old hook, and then take a step back. From there, you can tell if you need to move the piece up, down, left or right a few inches to make up for the adjusted size in the new piece.

3. Unless you know you will love one frame colors for the next 10 years (ie. white), choose 2 or 3 colors for your artwork frames. The 2010 wall had a few too many different frame and matte colors for me. But once we toned it down and then I ended up with white and gold as my main colors, it felt more cohesive yet still eclectic.

Here's one last gallery wall update for you to see in my studio...

Oh Joy Studio / Designed by Emily Henderson

This is still probably my favorite wall in the history of gallery walls, and I feel very lucky to get to see it at work every day.

Prints, left to right: Ashley Percival panda print, Studio Legohead cat print, Bonnie Tsang custom print, Animal Print Shopbaby giraffe print, Jen Gotch paper cups print, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Ruby sketch by Casey Brodley, Lulie Wallace floral painting, Bonnie Tsang custom pool print, Paul Octavious kite hill print, Jen Gotch glasses custom print, Cali print by Rocket Ink, Joel Penkman popsicle print, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Geronimo x Jennifer Youngcustom Ruby photo, Ruby oil painting by Casey Brodley, Max Wanger custom print, Ashley Percival cool deer print,Studio Legohead floral print, Marion Barraud fish print. Framing by Curve Line Space. Photo by Zeke Ruelas.

Oh Joy Studio - Gallery Wall

We made some minor updates recently which didn't change the overall feel too much. It was mostly so that we could update our wall with our own artwork while still keeping the general feel the same as before. It's kind of a fun "find the differences" exercise to do to see what got replaced or what just moved around a bit!

{Photos referenced above. Final 2016 studio photo by Casey Brodley. Both rooms shown were designed by Emily Henderson.}

a valentine for your boo... 8 Feb 2016

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Since Ruby's school doesn't allow candy for Valentine's Day exchanges, I'm always thinking about other fun things we can make and give to her friends instead. And...since we always have a ton of Band-Aids lying around (and kids love Band-Aids), we came up with a couple fun Valentines inspired by everyone's favorite boo-boo cover/body sticker.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

If you feel like gifting a whole box of Band-Aids, here's a punny wrap we designed that you can download right here. Simply print them on regular paper, cut it out, and use it to wrap around a standard size box of Band-Aids.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Add your greeting to the back, and boom! A valentine that also comes in handy for adventures throughout the year.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Or, if you don't want to give out a whole box of Band-Aids, you can use them as a decorative element for your love bugs, instead. Oh Joy Band-Aids worked perfectly to create fun little patterned bug bodies for these Valentine's Day postcards. Download our template here, print them on card stock, then cut out. Finally, add a Band-Aid to make the body of the bug!

I'm Stuck on You - box template

Be My Love Bug - card template

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, graphics by Angie Stalker}

happy friday + get out and do something different! 5 Feb 2016

Oh Joy Pattern Play

Happy Friday friends! We made this fun scene at the office the other day, and I love what it symbolizes. It could be about drawing "outside the lines" or thinking "outside of the box", but to me—right now, it symbolizes just trying something different. As we head into the weekend where we have our usual routine and plans, I can often get stuck in a rut of the same schedule, the same park to play at, and the same breakfast every weekend with my family. But this weekend, we're gonna switch it up and do some new things, take the kids to some new places, and just get out of that safety of the usual.

Hope you have a great weekend full of new things as well!

{Photo by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester. Pillow by Arro Home.} 

an oh joy for target launch party! 4 Feb 2016

Oh Joy for Target

In just a few days—this Sunday, February 7th—we'll be launching the new Oh Joy for Target home decor collection in all Target stores in the US and online. Last month, we held a launch party with some of our LA friends and colleagues to celebrate the new collection and give a peek at what's to come. Come check it out for a look at what you can expect to find starting Sunday...


being mindful... 2 Feb 2016

5 Tips for Being More Mindful

I have to admit. Sometimes I just go about life and I forget about myself. Did you see this video with Jada Pinkett Smith? She’s so right about remembering to take care of yourself so you can be better equipped to take care of others, too. This month, I’ve partnered with Aetna to share some of my favorite tips for being mindful and to help make this year better than ever.

Mindfulness includes a lot of things like managing emotions, taming your mind, calming your body, and giving yourself a break. Because I need to be reminded of these things too, here are five of my favorite tips on ways to be more mindful today and any day where you just need to give yourself something, too...


mini valentine's brooch bouquets... 1 Feb 2016

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

While flowers are an obvious gift to give for Valentine's Day, they are also always a people pleaser. There are very few people in the world who don't like flowers (and if you don't like them, I want to know who you are!). Whether you're gifting your mom, your teacher, your co-workers, or your besties, here are some Mini Valentine's Brooch bouquets that are super easy to put together...

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

All you'll need are your favorite blooms, some pins (we used both new and vintage), and strips of leftover fabric to tie the bouquets. Simply assemble your mini bouquet with blooms of your choice, then wrap the stems and tie with a strip of fabric. Pin your brooch to the fabric for a decorative accent that your gal pal can also wear later on her collar and think of you every time she does!

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

And, don't forget to add non-floral plants like kumquats off your tree or basil for an extra dose of color, texture, and fragrance. We topped this one with a vintage brooch I've had for years!

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

Or use a modern pin like this one from Ban.do for your nearest and dearest. You can make the bouquets up to one day before you're planning to give them out. If you make them in advance, make sure to keep each bouquet in cool water in the fridge and then tie them and pin them right before giving them out!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling and florals by Julia Wester}


#ohjoyfortarget babes!29 Jan 2016

Oh Joy for Target happy customer

Every time I release a new collection, I am blown away by watching how everyone is using their new pieces! This newest nursery collection has been so fun to watch as you wrap your babes of all ages in Oh Joy for Target! Even, tiny newborns coming home from the hospital...I can't even...

Oh Joy for Target happy customer

Look at these peaceful sleeping babes! (via @scigitte, @tinykaper, @i_heart_loo, @brantlieherring)

Oh Joy for Target happy customer

These cuties are awake and as happy as can be!
(via @magic_kingdom_mamas@rubi_jones@rksleeter@tinykaper)

Oh Joy for Target happy customer

Oh Joy for Target happy customer

Even pups love Oh Joy, too (especially when they are prepping for a new baby in the house)! (via @bradyandbaby, @nowservingboba)

Please keep sharing with me with using #OhJoyforTarget on Instagram! Have a great weekend guys!

{Top photo by @girlintheredshoes, other photos noted above}

in the studio lately...28 Jan 2016

Oh Joy Studio / Darling Magazine

Oh Joy for Target pillows

Oh Joy Pantone

Rosebowl Flea Market

Kii Arens

We have been slammed at the studio lately shooting videos, prepping for our home decor product launch, and working on other fun projects and products I can't tell you about yet ;) I'm also in the process of hiring two new employees so it's all good things...just a little nuts and I am trying to take deep breaths. Thanks for baring with me as we haven't been able to shoot a ton of new blog posts recently, but will get back to more of those next week! Here are a few snippets from life around Oh Joy world lately...some from the studio, some inspirations, and just some wonderful things that caught my eye...

{Top photo by Naohmi from Darling Magazine from a shoot earlier this week. All other photos by Oh Joy: pillows post Oh Joy for Target event, Pantone colors from a recent project and some snippets from the Rosebowl Flea Market (vintage dresses and Kii Arens prints).}


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