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a summer gallery wall...25 Jul 2013


For those of who have been following along with our 10 Day Picnic collaboration with One Kings Lane and Virginia Johnson (fingers crossed that some of you won those beautiful illustrations!), I'm happy to tell you that the prints got so much great feedback, they're now available for sale. Check out one of my favorites—the cherry print—in my own living room...



We are constantly rotating the art in our home because I love too many prints and too many artists. And while I love finding affordable $20 art, you often end up spending a lot more than that after having them framed. So the fact that these are beautiful, come already framed, and end up being a reasonable price when all is said and done is a bonus. You can see all the prints right here...

{Photos by Oh Joy. This post is in partnership with One Kings Lane. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to provide fun opportunities like this for Oh Joy readers.}

{oh joy eats} pingtung...24 Jul 2013

Oh Joy Eats | Pingtung in Los Angeles | Photos by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy Eats | Pingtung in Los Angeles | Photos by Bonnie Tsang

Dim sum is one of my favorite weekend treats. I love tasting a little bit of everything, so it's one of the best meals to enjoy with a bunch of friends. In Los Angeles, the best dim sum is usually located outside the city, in Arcadia or Monterey Park—so it can be hard to find dim sum that's close by and available on weekdays.

But Pingtung on Melrose in L.A. satisfies my need for a little dum sum right in the city. Pingtung doesn't have carts like the traditional dim sum places do, but it does have a lot of my favorites, plus a few non-traditional options, as well.

Oh Joy Eats | Pingtung in Los Angeles | Photos by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy Eats | Pingtung in Los Angeles | Photos by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy Eats | Pingtung in Los Angeles | Photos by Bonnie Tsang

Oh Joy Eats | Pingtung in Los Angeles | Photos by Bonnie Tsang

I loved the spicy shrimp dumplings, steamed barbeque pork buns, and the green bean salad (because you need some veggies to balance out all those carbs!). Plus, it's modern, super low key, and less hectic than the traditional dim sum spots I usually visit!

Pingtung | 7455 Melrose Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90046 | 323.866.1866

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. My outfit: top by Ace & Jig, jeans by Goldsign, shoes by ShoeMint.}

feeling like a summer breeze...23 Jul 2013

Just savoring the last bits of summer and all things that make it feel sunny year-round...

P.S. And these summer prints!

{01. Jeni's blueberry and lemon frozen yogurt, 02. watermelon blouse by Kindah Khalidy, 03. grasshopper stapler from Anthropologie, 04. More & Co. kids smock tee, 04. popsicle string lights from Anthropologie, 05. Bobo Choses woven bag, 06. napkins by A Sunny Afternoon, 07. Gordy's sweet pickle chips.}

play with your food...22 Jul 2013





I love seeing the way that other people can look at things so differently than I normally would. Last week, I met Julie of Julie's Kitchen who makes these amazing food collages from items she's picked up at the local market. They are simple, beautiful, and have just that perfect touch of whimsy...

{Photos by Julie's Kitchen}

happy friday + 21 months with ruby...19 Jul 2013




The last few months have been the most fun I've had yet in my time as a mom. Ruby's verbal skills astound me every day as I watch her little mind process more and more. She says things like, "Have a good day!," "Peace out!," and "More noodles, please," while also learning the meaning behind phrases like "Sorry, Mama..." and "Oh no!" She responds to us more like this little kid she's becoming and less like the baby she's growing out of.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! We're going to the beach, which we rarely do. I need to take advantage of it while the summer's still young!

P.S. Ruby from 15-18 months!

{Ruby's clothes: 19-month romper is DVFxGap, 20-month dress by Thief & Bandit, 21-month leggings by Candy Kirby.}

currently snacking on...18 Jul 2013

Momofuku Milk Bar | Cake Tasting Set

You know how sometimes you want cake, but you don't want a whole piece? This cake tasting package by Momofuku Milk Bar is pretty genius. With flavors like apple pie cake, birthday cake, chocolate chip cake, and pretzel cake, it's exactly how I'd want to eat my dessert every day if I could—in lots of little bites of every flavor available...

P.S. Speaking of snacks, I was recently a guest on Amy Cao's super cute video series, Stupidly Simple Snacks for The Cooking Channel. You can see our episode right here...


{Photo by Oh Joy, video courtesy of The Cooking Channel}

some of my favorite apps lately...17 Jul 2013

Oh Joy | Favorite Apps

As much as I sometimes want to resist the technology we have nowadays, it honestly makes life more convenient in so many ways. Today, I want to share a few favorite apps that are part of my every day...


There are so many apps for kids, and we're always on the hunt to find ones that are both educational and entertaining for Ruby. While she's not quite ready to read or spell, she does enjoy matching shapes and loves the Endless Alphabet app that my friend Viv introduced us to. In addition to letting the child match a word's letters, it gives definitions of each word—both verbally and visually—as well as the sound for each letter as it's being pressed. It's such a cute and smart app, and it steps outside the usual "cat" and "dog" words, which I love.


I check the weather pretty much every day and find a lot of joy in the beauty of the Yahoo! Weather app. The app showcases the work of photographers who use Flickr, with the weather information overlaid on photos of the corresponding city and its time of day. It all creates a beautiful visual of what your day looks like weather-wise.

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hers & mine...16 Jul 2013

hers & mine | oh joy

hers & mine | oh joy

hers & mine | oh joy

hers & mine | oh joy

An on-going photo journal of our often similar things and moments...

top | Hers: leggings by Candy Kirby. Mine: shorts by Kate Spade Saturday.

middle | Hers: hair pin by Homako. Mine: necklace by Homako.

bottom | Hers & Mine: fun in the giant yellow noodle installation at LACMA.

See past ones right here...

{Ruby photo by Bob Cho, photo of me by Bonnie Tsang, all others by Oh Joy}

a 10 day picnic in print...15 Jul 2013


If you've ever seen photos of my living room, you know that I love art prints. To me, they're a great way to collect affordable art that you can easily change out as as you find new pieces you love. So in celebration of two of my favorite things—summer picnics and art prints—I've partnered with One Kings Lane for The 10 Day Picnic. Every day for the next 10 days, you can enter to win one of these framed prints by Virginia Johnson (one of my favorite illustrators), who's created a series of 10 summer-perfect illustrations for this very special collaboration.


To keep track of each of the 10 prints, follow along on this Pinterest board to repin the print of the day and to enter to win it. There will be 10 winners each day, so you can enter every day for a chance to win your favorite print...or enter every day for a chance to win all of them! Good luck!

{Imagery available courtesy of One Kings Lane - photography Manuel Rodriguez and styling Anthony Santelli. This sweepstakes is brought to you by One Kings Lane. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to provide fun opportunities like this for Oh Joy readers.}

happy friday + silly things i wish were possible...12 Jul 2013


Happy Friday friends! Last night, I was sitting on my couch after the end of a busy day and thinking how I wish my couch had a massage function that would instantly rub my shoulders and feet for just a few minutes. Then, I started thinking of all the other fantastical things I'd like to see happen. Because it's fun, here are five things I wish were possible...

1. I wish there was a Sleep Bank for all those times you just need a couple more hours of rest. You know...when you're sick or just really tired, I'd like to be able to grab extra sleep from those extra spunky days when I didn't need them.

2. I would like a delivery truck that offers ice cream, milkshakes, pies, or boba milk tea. You want a milkshake? Call them, and they'll be at your door in 20 minutes! Because sometimes you just need a sweet treat like now.

3. I wish pets could live forever (or as long as we do). I picked up Bruce's ashes this morning, which was bittersweet but I know he's in a happier place.

4. I'd like it if my hair and makeup could instantly do itself while I sleep just a tad longer in the morning. It seems so silly that we have to get ready and look presentable every day, couldn't I just wake up looking that way?

5. Finally, I'd really like to be able to grow plants—like some sort of vegetable bush or a lemon tree, perhaps? This may sound like it's within the scope of real possibility, but it's actually not. I seem to be able to take care of humans and animals, but plants, not so much.

What about you? What would you like to be possible? Let's get all Jetson's here. Who knows, someday these things could be possible...

{Photo above of a pretty fantastical project by Studio Weave.}


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